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1. Guidance and management of your immigration, settling plans.
2. Visa in Australia (visitor, temporary work…)
3. Fully comprehensive management of your travel
4. Accommodation in Australia
5. Assistance after arriving in Australia
6. Language courses in Australia
7. University education in Australia
8. Professional trainings in Australia
9. Flight bookings
10. Insurance management in Australia
11. Generic guidance / consulting related to your move to Australia
12. We can help you if you are uncertain about anything.
13. Airport transfer in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney


We’re currently working with the following nationalities: Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Finnish, German – if you’re not from these countries we’re still happy to assist in any of your needs related to Australia.


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Quarantine in Australia

In Australia quarantine is taken seriously so they can avoid any infectious materials being brought in the country. If you carry any food, fruit, vegetables or seeds, any animal related products be prepared that these cannot be taken to Australia. If you happened to carry one of these you will be asked to discard it before entry. Planes are disinfected with smoking prior to landing. You will be asked to show your boots (if you carry one) and carefully remove all the mud / any soil stuck on it prior to entry. Border protection staff will examine your straw hat and wooden slippers too.


Permanent resident visa- Employer nomination scheme (subclass 186)

This type of visa allows the employer to sponsor a foreign employee’s permanent resident visa in order that the employee could work in Australia. It is important that the applicant must be either a high-qualified foreign professinal or a high-qualified professional working in Australia with a temporary resident visa. So if you are staying in Australia with a temporary work visa and decide to settle, with this visa you can apply for permanent resident status which is only one step away from citizenship.




Temporary work (skilled) visa- sponsored (subclass 457)

This visa is especially for those skilled workers who would like to work and not study or settle in Australia
What do you need for this visa?
-sufficient english knowledge
-to have the required skills and experience to fulfil the position
-to be able to meet licensing and registration requirements
-and of course the sponsorship of an approved Australian business The visa application process has three steps. First, the business has to lodge an application to become an approved standard business sponsor, then the business nominates the position to be fulfiled, finally, the worker applies for the visa.
This visa allows you to work in Australia for up to four years, bring your family to work or study in Australia travel in and out of Australia as often as you want.
The visa holder and the family members are responsible for their medical costs so you and your family need to have a health insurance for the whole length of your stay which must be proven before visa application.
The applicants must have an IELTS language exam.



2007 Misawa Air Base Fire Prevention Week

Temporary work (Short stay activity) visa

When do you need this type of visa?
With this visa you can stay for up to 3 months in Australia.
-do short-term , highly specialised, non-ongoing work
-in case you participate in non-ongoing cultural or social activities at the invitation of an Australian organisation
– in case of exceptional circumstances of national importance, such as to assist Australia following a natural disaster

You might be eligible for this visa if you are outside Australia at the time of lodging your visa application. You must arrive in Australia within 3 months of the date the visa is granted. You can include members of your family unit in your visa application.
Price of the visa payable for the Australian Embassy: 165 AUD, in case you include family members in your visa application and if those family member are over 18, the price is 85 AUD/additional applicant, if the family member is under 18, the price is 40 AUD/additional applicant
Kelabit Kft administration fee: 500 AUD
Do not try to apply for a further visa when in Australia, this visa entitles you to stay for only up to 3 months in Australia.
There can be health checks required. It is recommended to have an insurance for the whole period.
You can lodge your application either in writing or online. What documents do you need?
Email us!


Australian student visa (subclass 570, 571,…)

In case you would like to study for a longer period in Australia and besides you would like to work, you will need this type of visa. This type of visa must be chosen if you would like to enrol a language course, college or university education. The visa is valid for the length of the course plus 4 weeks. During the school period you are able to work 4 hours a day and when the course is over, in the remaining 4 weeks you can work 8 hours a day. Application for a visa takes place at the competent Australian Embassy or online and costs 440 EUR or 535 AUD, the evaluation time is 3-4 weeks ( if you are not the only applicant but your whole family apply: the price of requiring a visa is 535AUD/primary applicant, and 405 AUD/additional applicant and 135 AUD/ underage child). You can require a student visa regardless your age, but before the application it is obligatory to undergo a medical check appointed by Australia.

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Australian Partner visa

If you live in marriage or civil partnership with an Australian citizen, somebody with permanent residence permit or an entitled New-Zealand citizen, you can require an Australian partner visa. May I require the visa outside Australia?
Yes, you may require the visa in and outside Australia.
The conditions are almost the same, the only difference is the orice of visa
subclass 309/100- from outside Australia: 3085 AUD (main claimant)
subclass 820/801- in Australia : 4575 AUD (main claimant)
What are the conditions? What do you need to require the visa?
-an Australian citizen, somebody with permanent residence permit or an entitled New-Zealand citizen has to sponsor the other party.
-valid passport
-2 ID photos
-marriage certificate or proof of civil partnership
-introductory letter in which you describe your relationship (where and when you first met etc.)
-official statement from two people about how long you have been together

IMPORTANT! Be prepared for a personal or phone interview ( we can do your training for these but cannnot do it instead of
you) The visa evaluation time is 5-9 months
The partner visa also can be handed in, in case of same- sex married couples or those who live in a proven civil partnership.
What happens if you met somebody on Internet who is an Ausrtalian citizen, has a permanent residency permit or is an entitled New-Zealand citizen?
This case you have to require a subclass 300 (future marriage) visa. This Ttype of visa cannot be claimed in case of same-sex couples.
When can you require such visa? -both of you are over 18
– you have to prove that you have already met in person as adults
– you have to get married within 9 months

Kelabit administration fee in case of a Partner Visa: 2100 AUD
For more information you can contact us
in email: hello@goozzy.com.au


Visitor visa (subclass 600)

In case you would like to visit Australia or travel there with business purposes for more than three months, you will need a visitor visa. (subclass 600)
You can choose from four different types of visitor visas depending on your goals in Australia. First, lets’s see what you need to know about this visa type: You can get it for up to 12 months. You must have very serious reasons for why to stay there so long. Officially you cannot take any jobs.
-standard form
-valid passport
-employer’s certificate
-planned date of travel
-routeplan which includes what you will do in Australia
-suitable financial background (you have to prove with a copy of your bank account that you have enough money for the whole time spent in Australia) and a proof of where the money comes form (e.g. inheritance)
fees paid for the Australian Embassy:
claimed outside Australia: 130 AUD
claimed when staying in Australia: 335 AUD

Kelabit Kft. administration fee: 210 AUD

In case of any questions: