Family Having Fun At Home Together

Australia with family

Family Having Fun At Home TogetherThere are a lot of families contacting us with the purpose of travelling to Australia with the family.
Last year several families managed to travel in order that they can study or work in original English language environment or get to know Australia better.
Let’s revise the most important things you need to know before making a decision

  • you must have a visa application
  • you must have health insurance for the whole family for the whole length of your stay (about 150 AUD/month/family)
  • Visa fee: 535 AUD, dependent 405 AUD, dependent child 135 AUD (for family- work permission fee for adults is included in the price)
  • airfare: about 1500 AUD/person- Do not pay for your airfare until your visa is granted)
  • health check: 435 AUD/person (varies by country)
  • accommodation: 350 AUD/week /apartment
  • at the beginning, you can earn 15-25 AUD/hour
  • start-up funds, sufficient financial background- varies by visa type
  • marriage certificate, proof of de facto relationship

In Australia underage children are subject to:

  • compulsory education from the age of 5
  • whatever visa you may hold, education in Australia is self-financed, the price depends on your visa type, but you can count with about 9000 AUD/ year
  • the school year starts in February- but obviously you can join your chosen school anytime during the school year – you have to enrol the children in the school which is situated the closest to your residence and accepts foreign students
  • children over 18 do not already belong to the parents’ visa
  • If a child under 18 years is coming to Australia without one or both parents or legal guardians: a consent form signed by the non-accompanying parent or legal guardian (form 1229)