Australian student visa (subclass 570, 571,…)

In case you would like to study for a longer period in Australia and besides you would like to work, you will need this type of visa. This type of visa must be chosen if you would like to enrol a language course, college or university education. The visa is valid for the length of the course plus 4 weeks. During the school period you are able to work 4 hours a day and when the course is over, in the remaining 4 weeks you can work 8 hours a day. Application for a visa takes place at the competent Australian Embassy or online and costs 440 EUR or 535 AUD, the evaluation time is 3-4 weeks ( if you are not the only applicant but your whole family apply: the price of requiring a visa is 535AUD/primary applicant, and 405 AUD/additional applicant and 135 AUD/ underage child). You can require a student visa regardless your age, but before the application it is obligatory to undergo a medical check appointed by Australia.

When applying for this type of visa, a lot of other questions may be raised. Do not give up and get in touch with us, we will find you the most suitable solution.
List of documents needed for the Student Visa
Each document handed in must be either the original or a certified copy of the original. A certified copy is a copy of the original document certified by the Australian Embassy or a notary public. Ont he copy it must be clearly indicated that it is the equivalent of the original document. In case you would like to get back your original documents, you need to indicate your request when submitting your application.
The documents needed:
1. Fully filled in, signed and dated form ( 157A)- In case there are any family members included in the application, all of them must sign the application form, if you choose an agency to arrange your visa application, you have to fill in a 956 form.
2. Proof of paid administration charge- you do not have to pay for the members of your family included int he application form.( Those taking part in the formal secondary exchange student programs, and certain Australian government scholarships do not have to pay for the visa application. The scholarship holders have to certify their eligibility for fee waiver.)
3. 4 pcs of ID photo (taken currently)
4. Applicants under 18: Birth Certificate, both parents’/guardians’ consents to the applicant’s stay in Australia. This is a written declaration which must be signed by the parents and notarised or certified by the administrators of the Visa Department in Budapest, after filling in a form 1229. In case the underage student does not stay with any of the parents/ over 18 guardians or a guardian assigned by the parents when in Australia, a written certificate is needed from the education provider which ensures the student’s accomodation, catering and welfare has been arranged for the length of stay.
5. A personal Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) form is needed from the education provider (the school where you would like to study). If you would like to enrol more courses one after the other, you need to present an eCoE for each of the education providers ( max. number is 3).
Those taking part in a formal secondary exchange student program must attach an Acceptance Advice for Secondary Exchange Student (AASES) form to the application.
6. If there are any family member included in the application: in case of spouses/partners you need a marriage certificate or a certificate of the partnership regarding the last 12 months, and in case of single children under 18 a birth certificate which proves that the people included in the Application form are your family members is needed. If there are children aged 5-17 included in your application form, who stay longer than 3 months with you in Australia you need to lodge a certificate of their school enrolment (CoE).
7. A detailed introductory letter, where you describe how the chosen course fits in your education, profession.
8. Proof that you meet the financial requirements to stay and study in Australia for a year- detailed bank account statement( including the transactions), other formal certificate with the exact sum of money on
for 1 year (basic) and 18610 AUD
if the applicant has a partner/spouse: 6515 AUD
if the applicant has a dependent child: 3720 AUD
if the applicant has additional children: 2790 AUD
Australia there and back: 2000 AUD
We charge all costs in proportion with the lenght of time staying in Australia. When exchanging money we apply the exchange rates valid at the time of lodging the application.
Study costs for a student aged 5-18: 8000 AUD/year.
9.If your stay in Australia is funded by a sponsor, you need an evidence of your sponsor’s regular, sufficient income to prove the sponsorship- income tax certificate, monthly money transfer to your bank account, booking statements etc. are acceptable.
10. For Students: proof of your student status and a permission of suspending your studies / From employees: original employer certificate including your position, length of employment, length of leave.
-certificate of your highest educational attainment
-certificate of scholarship (in case of scholarship holders)
Every student visa applicants must take part in a medical check at a physician who has been appointed by Australian Embassy. The health check takes place after th epre-evaluation of your appliciation. We will be contacted in writing by your visa case officer. The given handling time is only valid if all the needed documents were submitted at the time of application. If the documentation is insufficient or you need additional health check the procedure can be delayed. The details given in the application (financial background, employment, education) can be inspected by the Embassy. If there are any false information given or any information does not comply with reality the application will be refused. If you cannot submit any of the documents give your reasons for it in writing.
11. Bank account statement for the last 4 months
12. valid passport (for the whole length of stay)


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