Australian visitor visa (eVisitor subclass 651)

You must hold a passport from an eligible country to apply for this visa. This visa is free of charge, you can apply for it online. If you think your English is not good enough to fill in the application form or you do not have time or do not feel like,it, do not hesitate and email us! (our administration fee is 50 AUD)
You will get the visa for a 12-month period during which you can stay in Australia for up to 3 months at a time within the 12-month period. After 3 months you have to leave the country then you can enter Australia again for another 3 months until your visa is valid.
What are the most important facts about this visa?
-With this visa you cannot work in Australia.
-You can study during your stay
-You can participate business conferences
-You can visit Australia as a tourist
– You have to buy such airplane ticket which enables you to leave Australia after staying there for up to 3 months (airplane ticket can be modified)
-If your visa was granted, but before your visit any changes occured in your personal details, you must indicate any changes before your visit to link your visa to your correct datas. (e.g. : if you apply for a new passport it is necessary to modify your passport number)
-You will not receive a stamp or label in your passport. However, you will be given a confirmation for your records (e-visa). it is recommended to print it out and to put it into your bag to be able to prove in writing that you have a valid visa in case of any system failure.
-We advise you to buy your ticket after your visa application had been granted and you had checked all the details included in it. Conditions, requirements
-valid passport
-permanent address
-if you aleady have a valid Australian visa, the number of the visa
-if you have ever had an Australian visa (which is not valid any more), the number of the visa
-you must meet the financial requirements or must have a sponsor who gives you financial support
-bank account statement for the last 3 months, actual balance sheet (in English)
-formal sponsoring declaration in case you have a sponsor -planned date of your travel
-your itinerary
-employer certificate, evidence of your studies
-in case the whole family want to travel, each family member regardless their age has to apply for eVisitor visa individually

An eVisitor is an electronically stored authority for travel to Australia. eVisitor can be accessed by airlines, travel agents and Australian border agencies.