Health in Australia

In Australia heatlh care is of high quality and affordable, the price of an examination is about 35 AUD on average. There are no vaccination requirements (besides children vaccination routine), but i t is recommended to get vaccination against Hepatitis A and B and tetanus. There is no malaria, cholera or yellow fever however, insects- , especially, mosquito-borne tropical diseases such as dengue fever or Ross river virus can cause severe health conditions. Flies cause problems mainly in the Australian outback as hundreds of them can pester the passer-by at the same time searching for protein in your eyes, nose, ears. So, you need to use effective insect repellents when in Australia.
There are 13 of the world’s most venomous snakes and spiders that can be found in Australia. If you are bitten by a snake or spider you should be taken to hospital immediately for anti-venom. Try to remember some snake or spider identifier points to be able to inform the doctor what snake you encountered with, so the doctor could decide on the suitable anti-venom for you.
Protect yourself from the sun and UV radiation. As the ozone hole is directly above Australia you can get sunburned more easily. Try to avoid staying in the sun from 11 till 15, use suncream with an SPF of at least 15 and wear protective clothing.