Malejko Lucia and Laci say

It’s very difficult to express how we feel now with simple words. Thanks to Irány Ausztrália and Szilvia above all, we have moved to a city and continent which (with my husband’s words) is like other people’s screen savers. However, you have to know one thing, without a professional your dreams cannot come true. We heard about Australia as a possibility from a couple, The girl quit her job and said they would move to Australia. I immediately checked what is known about Australia: economy, employment possibilities, entertainment, anything about life over there, then I found an article: Melbourne became the most livable city in the world in 2013. This was the moment I realised I wanted to live there. I decided to find an agent by browsing forums on the Internet and this is how I found Szilvia. Szilvia can be described with the followings: she calls you back at once, is professional, up to date and honest. Our case was not simple because of different health issues and without Szilvia we could not have the visa. And the couple whom we had the idea from is still in Hungary! I was thinking about giving them Szilvia’s phone number 😉 . We can recommend her with a warm heart. And remember we could not move to Australia without her! So, go for Australia with Irány Ausztralia!”

Malejkó Lucia and Laci
2014. 02. 02