Melinda Bodor says

“My mum has lived in Melbourne for ages. Unfortunately, we have not been able to meet so far. And then, a few weeks ago a message came that I could start arranging the documents needed for the travel.
At this point I started to search the Internet for information on the visa process. I contacted several travel agencies but none of them seemed to be helpful-but then I have found Szilvi! :) She was very helpful, interested and up to date with the regulations- even for the first time when we talked on the phone and she did not know that we would choose her. As I put down the phone I knew that she was the one.:)
When a problem arose, she informed us correctly and started to look for the solution immediately. With her assistance I could meet my mum again!
Thank you Szilvia for everything!”
Melinda Bodor
05 August 2014