Australian visitor visa (eVisitor subclass 651)

You must hold a passport from an eligible country to apply for this visa. This visa is free of charge, you can apply for it online. If you think your English is not good enough to fill in the application form or you do not have time or do not feel like,it, do not hesitate and email us! (our administration fee is 50 AUD)
You will get the visa for a 12-month period during which you can stay in Australia for up to 3 months at a time within the 12-month period. After 3 months you have to leave the country then you can enter Australia again for another 3 months until your visa is valid.
What are the most important facts about this visa?
-With this visa you cannot work in Australia.
-You can study during your stay
-You can participate business conferences
-You can visit Australia as a tourist
– You have to buy such airplane ticket which enables you to leave Australia after staying there for up to 3 months (airplane ticket can be modified)
-If your visa was granted, but before your visit any changes occured in your personal details, you must indicate any changes before your visit to link your visa to your correct datas. (e.g. : if you apply for a new passport it is necessary to modify your passport number)
-You will not receive a stamp or label in your passport. However, you will be given a confirmation for your records (e-visa). it is recommended to print it out and to put it into your bag to be able to prove in writing that you have a valid visa in case of any system failure.
-We advise you to buy your ticket after your visa application had been granted and you had checked all the details included in it. Conditions, requirements
-valid passport
-permanent address
-if you aleady have a valid Australian visa, the number of the visa
-if you have ever had an Australian visa (which is not valid any more), the number of the visa
-you must meet the financial requirements or must have a sponsor who gives you financial support
-bank account statement for the last 3 months, actual balance sheet (in English)
-formal sponsoring declaration in case you have a sponsor -planned date of your travel
-your itinerary
-employer certificate, evidence of your studies
-in case the whole family want to travel, each family member regardless their age has to apply for eVisitor visa individually

An eVisitor is an electronically stored authority for travel to Australia. eVisitor can be accessed by airlines, travel agents and Australian border agencies.


Head for Australia! Prepare for the journey! What to take with you? It’s good to know…

To have a valid visa is the most important!
Contact us to choose the most suitable visa for you! Australian visitor visa, temporary work visa, sponsored visa, immigration to Australia etc.
And if you have it….
1. Take to Australia an independent mobile phone with you!
2. On arrival in Australia purchase a subscription, but think it over which tariff package you choose. It’s not always sure that the cheapest is the best!
3. You should have an ongoing insurance for the whole length of your stay when arriving (if you are going to spend more than 3 months in Australia, choose an Australian insurance provider).
4. Be aware of the regulaions the airline might have ( eg: max. baggage weight)
5. Australia is very far! The flight is very long! Take something with you to spend your time with during the flight!
6. You do not need to worry if you are late for your connection, on the next plane there are always a few seats reserved for this case.
7. Before arriving in Australia, do not be suprised on the plane if you have any strange experiences. (eg: the cabins are sprayed with some disinfectant before landing to destroyed any germs)
8. In Australia before getting out of the plane, each passanger gets an Incoming Passanger Card which must be filled in. It is very importent to fill it in with the correct datas. (If you do not know what this card is like, email us and we will send you a copy together with the instructions for filling.)
9. If you are planning to stay in Australia for a longer period, you should open a bank account with an Australian bank. You should require it online before leaving so when you arrive, your only task is to visit the bank to prove your identity in person. It is important to choose a bank very carefully and find a bank that meets your requirements. Contact us and we will help you with the administration.
10. Your credit card should be suitable for using in Australia!
11. When travelling to Australia you should have 1000 AUD in cash with you.
12. Purchase an electric adapter before departure.
13. Public transport in Australia is zoned.
14. Be prepared to get used to very different tastes in Australia.
15. Do not forget that in Australia summer starts in December, winter starts in June.
16. Remember that while in Hungary you should pay your bills and rents monthly, this is not the same in Australia, where you have to pay on a weekly basis.


Required health examination

You must undergo a medical check for Australian study (work) and other visa applications. For the examination you have to choose a doctor or clinic that is approved by the Australian government (varies by country).
Required materials, documents:
– Referral letter ( HAP ID)
– original passport
– ID documents
– urine sample
– 435 AUD ( price varies by country)


Melinda Bodor says

“My mum has lived in Melbourne for ages. Unfortunately, we have not been able to meet so far. And then, a few weeks ago a message came that I could start arranging the documents needed for the travel.
At this point I started to search the Internet for information on the visa process. I contacted several travel agencies but none of them seemed to be helpful-but then I have found Szilvi! :) She was very helpful, interested and up to date with the regulations- even for the first time when we talked on the phone and she did not know that we would choose her. As I put down the phone I knew that she was the one.:)
When a problem arose, she informed us correctly and started to look for the solution immediately. With her assistance I could meet my mum again!
Thank you Szilvia for everything!”
Melinda Bodor
05 August 2014


The Szucs-Molnar family says

“We believe that everything happens for a reason. There was a reason for meeting someone who recommended Szilvi regarding Australia. We looked at the homepage and there was no doubt that this is what we need. The style, the professionalism. The detailed but not trivial pieces of information. The beautiful but yet not corny pictures. So, everything is in its place.
Time is money. For Szilvi and for us as well. So, we did not waste each other’s time, there was no beating about the bush.
As we wanted to take our son, during the visa process a personal interview with our case officer could be expected, so when being interviewed nothing came by surprise.
The news that the whole family can travel came the next day. We can live or rather experience one of the biggest dreams in our lives. Do we need anything more?
Anybody who has a question or is in doubt can turn to her. We would choose her once again.
Thank you Szilvi, thank you Irany Ausztralia.
Bernadett Szucs-Molnar, Attila Szucs and Kornel Szucs”
11 August 2014


Noemi Tari-Keresztes says

“This is not the first time, when we write an opinion about Szilvi…. and maybe it is not the last one too. I don’t want to repeat myself and others.
We all knows, she is positve, professional, hard working and helpful with facinating, friendly and honest personality. She does her work with high motivation and passion. She doesn’t handle clients as cases rather as families, as independent people, as challenges. Her voice is relaxing and pleasant. She doesn’t leave her clients all alone neither during the travelling and nor after.
We have been in Sydney from February with visa 402. Not too long time ago, we decided to extend our visa with another half year. It seemed easy, since everything was the same as our earlier visa. So we arranged it without agent. BUT when our health examination was done in Hungary, HAP ID systems didn’t exist and IMMI officers required our earlier health records. We asked help from Szilvi even she has been in Hungary. She got in touch with the doctor and our case officer in Vienna. She arranged it quickly and professionally. In this way, she spared time and money for us. Finally, after a week, we hold our new visa in our hand….again….with her help.
I message you, that distance between Hungary and Australia doesn’t exist for her professional work. She can arrange visa in Hungary and Australia too.
Don’t hesitate to contact her!
Thanks Szilvi so much….again!!!
Tari-Keresztes Noémi


Laszlo Pap says

„ A wonderful Christmas present, then loads of worries and sleepless nights. Maybe, we cannot travel. What is even worse, will there be one of the family members’ seats empty on the plane?
But not. Thanks to Szilvi we can spend our freetime with planning our stay in Australia J. When I first visited this page I felt it is a bit overrated and I could not believe everybody wrote contented comments. All of you have met such pages full of self-congratulations.
I do not want to write much. The point is simply the following: what the others wrote was absolutely correct.
Go for it Szilvi, but be cautious, at the end there won’t be any Hungarians left.
Thank you for your professional help.”
Pap László


Malejko Lucia and Laci say

It’s very difficult to express how we feel now with simple words. Thanks to Irány Ausztrália and Szilvia above all, we have moved to a city and continent which (with my husband’s words) is like other people’s screen savers. However, you have to know one thing, without a professional your dreams cannot come true. We heard about Australia as a possibility from a couple, The girl quit her job and said they would move to Australia. I immediately checked what is known about Australia: economy, employment possibilities, entertainment, anything about life over there, then I found an article: Melbourne became the most livable city in the world in 2013. This was the moment I realised I wanted to live there. I decided to find an agent by browsing forums on the Internet and this is how I found Szilvia. Szilvia can be described with the followings: she calls you back at once, is professional, up to date and honest. Our case was not simple because of different health issues and without Szilvia we could not have the visa. And the couple whom we had the idea from is still in Hungary! I was thinking about giving them Szilvia’s phone number 😉 . We can recommend her with a warm heart. And remember we could not move to Australia without her! So, go for Australia with Irány Ausztralia!”

Malejkó Lucia and Laci
2014. 02. 02



There must be miracle

„ Just like in a tale, after 35 years, my husband’s Australian cousin found us. This is what social pages are good for J. In September he spent 10 days with us. He had a great time and we made friends- and he asked the question which was obvious for him, but was suprising for us-he suggested that our younger son who had just then failed the university entrance exam thus have to wait a year should visit him in Australia to have a holiday. After the shock and thinking over this possibility, we agreed. And here the compications have begun… The euphoria started decreasing after only a week when I had to face serious difficulties with getting his visa. Already at the beginning I found myself lost in different types of visas. There are many types and even more regulations, bans in connection with them. All in English through 56 pages only for people with very good English skills. I tried travel agencies – hoped they could manage – but was dissappointed. In most cases I knew more about visas than them… Then I found . I read through the webpage and I found a lot of useful information on Australia and contacted Szilvia. A could have saved a lot of time and annoyances if I had started with this. She handled our problem professionally and helpfully, she outlined our real possibilities and future problems in a minute. After chatting only for a few minutes we found the solution. I got back my faith in people! We got the visa with her guidance incredibly fast. Then she drew our attention to things we did not even think of in connection with the journey and finally offered such help that I did not dare to ask for. I can only recommend her with all my heart, do not waste your time and contact Szilvia and Irány Ausztralia!”
Szőnyiné Hajni, 2013. november 07