Point based Skilled visas

There are 3 types of this visa. In the following we will list the 3 types, describe who can apply for these visas and what conditions you have to fulfil to be granted.

In July, 2012 a new selection system called SkillSelect came into force. The point of this new system is that the applicants can only lodge a visa application for theDepartment of Immigration in case they were previously invited in this new system.
The applications are awarded with points based on a point system in which you have to achieve at least 60 points and have to meet some basic requirements

  1. Skilled independent visa (Subclass 189)
    If your visa application is granted you will be eligible to live and work anywhere in Australia. The list of occupations (CSOL) which makes you nominated is broad but as a skilled independent visa applicant you must have a job described in a limited list of occupations (SOL). It’s a basic requirement not to turn 50 years of age yet , to have a competent English knowledge and to nominate a job which is on the SOL (skilled occupation list). The applicant and members of the famiy included in the application will be eligible to live in Australia as permanent residents which is similar to Australian citizenship. It allows you to do a permanent job, live or study in Australia. It also allows you to enrol in Medicare which is Australia’s scheme for health-related care and expenses. You can also access certain social security payments and sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residents.
  2. Skilled nominated visa (subclass 190)
    Another way of getting a visa based on your professional skills is to have such a nominated job which is on Australian state or territory government agencies’ list. The applicants must meet certain requirements in order to accept the application.For this visa you need the sponsorship from an eligible relative living in Australia or an Australian state/territory government agency nomination. The requirements for the application is similar to the Skilled Independent Visa basic requirements plus the nomination of a state/territory government or sponsorship of a relative living in Australia.
  3. Skilled regional sponsored visa (subclass 489)
    The criteria is similar to skilled sponsored and skilled independent visa but there are a few differences: skilled regional visa is a provisional visa which entitles skilled employees to take a job in Australia for up to 4 years but only in designated areas (unlike skilled independent and skilled sponsored visa). The sponsor must agree to support the applicant (with suitable accomodation, financial support) and help them settle in Australia in the first 2 years. In this case the visa holder is only a temporary resident which means the applicant does not have access to any social security payments or Medicare (Australian health care and expenses system) so you have to cover the costs of your health care and have a private health insurance.