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Temporary work (Short stay activity) visa

When do you need this type of visa?
With this visa you can stay for up to 3 months in Australia.
-do short-term , highly specialised, non-ongoing work
-in case you participate in non-ongoing cultural or social activities at the invitation of an Australian organisation
– in case of exceptional circumstances of national importance, such as to assist Australia following a natural disaster

You might be eligible for this visa if you are outside Australia at the time of lodging your visa application. You must arrive in Australia within 3 months of the date the visa is granted. You can include members of your family unit in your visa application.
Price of the visa payable for the Australian Embassy: 165 AUD, in case you include family members in your visa application and if those family member are over 18, the price is 85 AUD/additional applicant, if the family member is under 18, the price is 40 AUD/additional applicant
Kelabit Kft administration fee: 500 AUD
Do not try to apply for a further visa when in Australia, this visa entitles you to stay for only up to 3 months in Australia.
There can be health checks required. It is recommended to have an insurance for the whole period.
You can lodge your application either in writing or online. What documents do you need?
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