The Szucs-Molnar family says

“We believe that everything happens for a reason. There was a reason for meeting someone who recommended Szilvi regarding Australia. We looked at the homepage and there was no doubt that this is what we need. The style, the professionalism. The detailed but not trivial pieces of information. The beautiful but yet not corny pictures. So, everything is in its place.
Time is money. For Szilvi and for us as well. So, we did not waste each other’s time, there was no beating about the bush.
As we wanted to take our son, during the visa process a personal interview with our case officer could be expected, so when being interviewed nothing came by surprise.
The news that the whole family can travel came the next day. We can live or rather experience one of the biggest dreams in our lives. Do we need anything more?
Anybody who has a question or is in doubt can turn to her. We would choose her once again.
Thank you Szilvi, thank you Irany Ausztralia.
Bernadett Szucs-Molnar, Attila Szucs and Kornel Szucs”
11 August 2014