There must be miracle

„ Just like in a tale, after 35 years, my husband’s Australian cousin found us. This is what social pages are good for J. In September he spent 10 days with us. He had a great time and we made friends- and he asked the question which was obvious for him, but was suprising for us-he suggested that our younger son who had just then failed the university entrance exam thus have to wait a year should visit him in Australia to have a holiday. After the shock and thinking over this possibility, we agreed. And here the compications have begun… The euphoria started decreasing after only a week when I had to face serious difficulties with getting his visa. Already at the beginning I found myself lost in different types of visas. There are many types and even more regulations, bans in connection with them. All in English through 56 pages only for people with very good English skills. I tried travel agencies – hoped they could manage – but was dissappointed. In most cases I knew more about visas than them… Then I found . I read through the webpage and I found a lot of useful information on Australia and contacted Szilvia. A could have saved a lot of time and annoyances if I had started with this. She handled our problem professionally and helpfully, she outlined our real possibilities and future problems in a minute. After chatting only for a few minutes we found the solution. I got back my faith in people! We got the visa with her guidance incredibly fast. Then she drew our attention to things we did not even think of in connection with the journey and finally offered such help that I did not dare to ask for. I can only recommend her with all my heart, do not waste your time and contact Szilvia and Irány Ausztralia!”
Szőnyiné Hajni, 2013. november 07