Visitor visa (subclass 600)

In case you would like to visit Australia or travel there with business purposes for more than three months, you will need a visitor visa. (subclass 600)
You can choose from four different types of visitor visas depending on your goals in Australia. First, lets’s see what you need to know about this visa type: You can get it for up to 12 months. You must have very serious reasons for why to stay there so long. Officially you cannot take any jobs.
-standard form
-valid passport
-employer’s certificate
-planned date of travel
-routeplan which includes what you will do in Australia
-suitable financial background (you have to prove with a copy of your bank account that you have enough money for the whole time spent in Australia) and a proof of where the money comes form (e.g. inheritance)
fees paid for the Australian Embassy:
claimed outside Australia: 130 AUD
claimed when staying in Australia: 335 AUD

Kelabit Kft. administration fee: 210 AUD

In case of any questions: